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We are Choosing to Stay Positive!

First off please bare with us as we try to give this blogging thing a try, we aren't perfect but we have a lot of thoughts to share.   There is a lot going on right now  and we are choosing to stay positive. It is our hope that we can motivate you to as well!

Covid-19 has ripped through our country leaving a lot of questions and emotions in its wake.  Like many of you it has thrown our summer plans into a tailspin.  Just weeks before our National Parks and country began shutting down we had placed thousands of dollars in orders in preparation for your summer arrival.  We had hired 6 very eager seasonal employees to begin working in April and May.  It was going to be a great summer with tons of new products and some store updates.  Then right before our eyes everything changed, life was put on hold and the future was uncertain.   

The reality is the future is still uncertain, we aren't sure how to protect ourselves or what things will look like tomorrow, next week, or even next month.  At TRNHA, we have decided to focus on what we do know. We know that when its safe and when the National Park is ready, you will be back!  We know that Theodore Roosevelt came to North Dakota to heal after the passing of his mother and wife, which is why we believe you will follow suit and come Theodore Roosevelt National Park to heal after a long period of time staying indoors.   And most importantly we know we will be here waiting for you when its time.

Yes, we have lost revenue and aren't able to support the park as we had planned to in 2020.  But we have planned for the unknown and made sure our organization was in a comfortable place. We have amazing vendors who are more than happy to work with us, as they are struggling alongside us, to insure we will be ready when our country is ready. We have wonderful supporters who continue to place online orders, helping us keep the bills paid.  For all of these reasons and more we are staying positive!

This photo was taken before we were concerned about Covid-19 at our Public Land Alliance Convention and Tradeshow.  Just wanted to share a photo of some of the great vendors I refer to in the blog. 

And when things seem bleak we are doing the the following:

  1. Preventing ourselves from negative thinking and talk- we are focusing on what the future will look like, not what is missing from the present. 

  2. We are identifying the positives - our staff is safe, our stores are cleaner then ever before, and we will be prepared when you are able to come back!

  3. We are sharing our gratitude - we can't say enough about our visitors, supporters, vendors, and friends.  We are in this together and wouldn't want to do it with any other people! You guys are amazing and we thank you!

  4. SMILING - in case you forgot smiles are contagious and can make everyone's day better.  So please share yours! 

And with that I leave you with the following quote:

"Occasionally it's good to pause, take a moment and remind yourself of the things in your life that are just fine." ~Robert Brault

We hope we will see you soon! Spread the love and hold your head high!

All photos used in this blog are prior to Covid-19, please with hold judgement on the lack of social distancing


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