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JJ Potts

KNRI Handmade Mug

KNRI Handmade Mug

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JJ Potts Mugs - Each custom handmade mug begins it's hands on journey as a lump of freshly mixed pottery clay.  As is makes it's way down the production line it is slowly transformed into a beautiful ceramic mug.  First the clay is formed then shaped on the potters wheel. While still wet a handle is attached and the mug is adorned with a customized engraved clay medallion featuring artwork or a custom logo of your choice.  Then the stoneware mug is off to the glazing process where you can select from a collection of beautiful stoneware glazes each hand mixed,  in-house.  Last, but not least the mug is gas fired to over 2000 degrees yielding a custom handmade mug that is unique, durable (dishwasher & microwave safe), and beautifully displays your artwork or logo.  Join us in the creative journey of creating custom handmade mugs unlike any other.

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