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State Historical Society of North Dakota

People of the Upper Missouri - BluRay

People of the Upper Missouri - BluRay

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Focusing on the history, traditions, and material culture of the Mandan people, the documentary integrates historical imagery, contemporary interviews with residents of Fort Berthold, interviews with historians and research specialists, and ethnographic and archaeological data that trace 800 years of Mandan resilience, adaptability, and continuity in the Upper Missouri River Valley. It begins with a contemporary portrait of the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara people and travels backwards through space and time, recounting the unspeakable tragedy and loss incurred by the construction of the Garrison Dam; the peak of Mandan population, power, and prosperity as agriculturalists and traders on the Heart River during the 16th century; and the origins of a cultural identity that is bound in memories of ancestors and inextricably tied to the Missouri River landscape. Blu-ray disc with 77 minutes running time and widescreen format.

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